Mr. Satadru Sovan


Artist statement

I have been working with many mediums to represent my thoughts and feelings since my artistic career was started. The subject matters in my work involve socio-cultural crisis of my country as well as the South Asian life.

My research was last few-year what will be social changes in Global- society post cyber movement.Psychedelic ‘Openness’ is seen as the fundamental principle of the Internet.

Within my art practice I have been exploring the cultural swap and Sociocultural hybridity. I am interested in how distinct cultural experiences have shaped us all, and I am also researching the points where these distinctions overlap, and where unique, hybrid and odd cultural forms emerge with gender vocabulary.  The Sociocultural revamp is like mobile molten-moving through the time space continuum at will.

The south asian narratives is  in my multi-disciplinary projects address issues of cultural dislocation ,Jargon and the cultural alter that can occur in the rendering,translation/ transmutation of time and space. I am specifically interested in the contemporary transmission of visual culture, and the experiences of gender who lead trans-cultural lives.

My multi-disciplinary work is research about drift in social & cultural arena. I always love to explore society life discourse and changes of manifestation. The Cutting Edge dialogue revitalizes me and motivates to continue my art practice. Society-activism and participatory cultural is my core element of my work.

Satadru, New Delhi.

Satadru is a Fulbright Scholar who graduated from University of California/DANM

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